Irish gypsy names

irish gypsy names

Roma gypsies have a nomadic lifestyle, and they are not keen on gender or styling when selecting a name. Here's an exhaustive list of gypsy. Jennett and Kean and variations of this name. I wondered if anyone knew if they were Traveller surnames. Also the surnames. Scottish and Irish nomads (Celtic Travellers) are more commonly and This is a copy of the latest Traveller – Tinker – Gypsy Surname Index of Great Britain.


Scottish/Irish tinkler gypsies - Norma Munro - the rigs o' rye / wid ye gang wi' a tinker laddie?

Irish gypsy names - Zimmern

The following are all local to the Longford-Westmeath-Offaly-Roscommon area, with Ballinasloe their Western limit:. Margaret Barry was a Traveller from Cork who became a well-known name on the London folk scene in the s, with her distinctive singing style and idiosyncratic banjo accompaniment. Eithne was the mother of St. Brendan , Brandan , Brandon. Here's an exhaustive list of gypsy baby names. It was believed he had magical powers and is reputed to protect the environment at Lough Gur, where he had a castle in County Limerick.



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